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Barley Coffee is made up of people who like people. As a whole, we want to be nice to you and make you coffee that tastes delicious. We're serious about both things in the way that we spend far too much of our personal time working to become better at what we do. We like to: be outdoors, read books, get involved in our community, make music, make art, make food, eat food, drink delicious things, visit friends' coffee shops, explore the world, and we like to make coffee for Everett. 

At Barley Coffee, community includes all of us ... wherever we live, work, rest, and play. Our similarities outweigh our differences and our belief is that we can build community one cup at a time, whether here in the Northwest, with you our customers, and across the globe in the farm communities that produce our delicious coffee beans.


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Monday - Friday

11am - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday

10am - 12am

5100 Namur, BELGIUM

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